Hoboken Rockets History

The Hoboken Rockets were originally called the New Jersey Rockets. The team was formed in 1991 by Roger J. Muller, Jr. who was a member of the New Jersey Rebels. The New Jersey Rebels played in Hockey North America which was based out of Virginia. In the Rebels' first year of existence, they went 1-19-0.

The New Jersey Rockets joined Hockey North America in 1992 with Roger Muller as their captain and general manager. After working out a deal with the New Jersey Bears, Muller obtained Canadian Greg Hansen, Adam Podell, Bob Eramian and Larry Flanagan. Flanagan was later traded, but Hansen and Eramian went on to anchor the Rockets defense for many years. Hansen was traded to the Florida Panthers and now is retired in Georgia. Bob Eramian, who is also a dentist, is still playing on the Rockets level 7 team. Adam Podell is no longer playing with the Rockets, but holds the record for the most points in one season with 84 points in 24 games. Adam had 64 goals and 20 assists in 1994-1995 season.

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Title 1992 Rye Beach HNA Tournament-Rockets Tony Depinto, Randy Homer, Sean, Peter Russell, E. Muller, Mike Zell, Steve Gould, Simon Milne, Adam Podell, R. Muller

Toronto Canada, Hockey North America Championship - New Jersey Rockets 1993

New Jersey Rockets - New Jersey Pack
Hockey North America A Level Tournament Team
Marmaroneck, New York 1994

New Jersey Rockets Tournament Team
Hockey North America A Level 1995

1995 Tournament Rockets - NJ Pack - Knobby Nardello, Salmonwitz, Zilka, Sipp, Branciforte, Rayot, Petty

Toronto Canada, New Jersey Rockets Championships (Defending Champs) 2001

2006-2007 Level 7 Rockets Regular Season First Place Team- Disalvo, Delrosso, Gordon, Eramian, R. Muller, Chutjian, Steffe, M. Touchard, Braun, Marino, C. Touchard, Fox, Rutigliano, Greco, E. Muller, Chang

Mike Peluso, New Jersey Devils
straightens out Roger Muller, circa 1997.

1995 Rocket Knobby Nardello
& Roger Muller on Injured list

D. Zilka, E.Muller, Kelsey Muller, J. Brianceforte 1995

Sica, Zilka, Zadnik, R Muller, Garcia - Toronto 2000 Rockets

Zadnik, Zilka, Page, Muller, Sica - 2000 Rockets

Kelsey Muller - Rocket Fan 1997

Peter Lamonica Rockets Level 5 player and sons Pierre & Christian.
Peter played in the minors for Stanley Cup Champion Coach Tortorella of the Tampa Bay Lightning
and is now coaching the Avalanche in Hackensack, N.J.


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Hoboken Rockets History

Recognizing the players, coaches and managers of the Hoboken Rockets Ice Hockey Team on an undefeated season and winning the Hockey North America Championship.
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